Knowledgeable & Dependable

I was lost at the onset of my family law case. When I initially met with Kristen she was sincere and was willing to tell me everything about my case, even the hard truths I didn’t want to hear. Kristen was very professional, knowledgeable, dependable, and empathetic.

Throughout the entirety of the case Kristen helped me to stay the course through the emotional and legal turmoil that ensued. I can say with absolute certainty, a more favorable outcome would never have been achieved without the foresight, talent, preparation, and commitment to the handling of my case that Kristen provided. I would recommend Kristen to anyone that requires sound, exceptional, and professional legal representation.


Exemplary Service

Kristen came highly recommended and provided exemplary service, thus earning another rave recommendation.

Kristen is a refreshingly straight forward individual that manages to temper difficult conversations with a wonderful sense of humor. She has a gift of being able to get to the delicate heart of a matter while maintaining composure and pointing out, sometimes difficult, truths.

In a heart heavy and delicate situation, Kristen was communicative and took the time to explain the options and the consequences of those options. We never felt rushed, hurried, or ignorant in our dealings and discussion with her. Kristen was very aware and upfront with fees and overall costs. We are grateful for her looking out for expenses and providing as much advanced notice as she could.